The Last Aria.

Written/printed in America

Includes a companion CD with Elizabeth and friends singing music mentioned in the story.
Softcover. 286 pages.

      last aria

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About the story: A novel with tasty secrets...One man’s obsession is another man’s dream. Two men are held captive by the beautiful Lilly LeClaire. The artist Garrett, by her presence in the ancient oil portraits that hang in a pre-civil war bed and breakfast,  and William, by her haunting voice as she sings to him in his sleep.  Night after night, she speaks to William through arias from Tosca, Julius Caesar and Madam Butterfly trying to convey her urgent message.

The author of “Taking Pictures", Chef Elizabeth Podsiadlo, spins another wonderful tale filled with 25 excellent French, German and other recipes, beautiful music, adventure and of course, a touch of the supernatural. Click here for some recipes from the book.

Click here to watch Chef Elizabeth make one of the recipes.

Companion Recording This book was designed to be read while listening to the companion recording, made especially for this book. This recording contains arias of Puccini, Granados, Canteloube, Verdi and Handel.  Click here for recording details. 


Several scenes in the The Last Aria book feature well-known operatic arias to communicate, or to color the scene. If you are an opera buff and know these arias, you will immediately understand why the aria was chosen. However, if you are not familiar, you can rely on the translations made available within the text of the story to help you. That, along with the companion recording, will add a richness to your reading experience, making it a multisensory one. You will also gain a more in-depth understanding of the story line as well as the arias used


  • La-The Berg Summer
    This is the Berg as I first saw it. That's the day I fell in love with this beautiful place and decided to write about it.
  • La-the Berg Up Close Painting
    This painting of the Berg, which is the Whippoorwill Ridge Inn from the book, was painted by Elizabeth Williams. Seven generations of the Williams family lived at the Berg.
  • La-The Rom Above The Theater 1 Before Restoration
    This is the bedroom above where the theater would be. This would have been Parker's room. While it would have been perfectly clean if Gertrude lived there, this photo was taken when the house was up for sale and the previous owner was in the midst of packing. Note the beautiful floors.
  • La-Whaley House Advertisment
  • La-Whaley House Side
  • La-Whaley House Wide Spectrum Shot420
    Whaley House Theater in Old Town San Diego. When I first saw this theater, I knew I wanted in my story and while I wasn't sure I would get permission to shoot my cover there. I spent a lot of time describing this very theater. When the S.O.H.O. Foundation gave me permission to shoot my cover there, I was overjoyed.