For the last 20 years audiences have been held captive by the wit and humor of Chef Elizabeth Podsiadlo. Also known as San Diego’s "Opera Singing Chef."  A passionate chef with a gift for communication means a cook that can teach... Chef Elizabeth imparts her beloved recipes with a story, a song, and a memory which will leave a legacy as the recipe gets passed around.
With the help of the P.A.C.E. organization in San Diego, Elizabeth filmed a cooking television series offered through public access television called “Cooking with the Opera Singing Chef.” More than 13 programs were filmed featuring Chef E. preparing her treasured recipes, story telling and of course singing. The programs aired on the Cox and Time Warners’s Public Access stations for more than 3 years.
Chef Elizabeth has had many articles written about her through the years published in the San Diego Tribune, San Diego Living Magazine and The San Diego Reader.
She was invited to appear on a regular basis on San Diego’s Channel Six “San Diego Living Program.” Where she entertained through “Live” television segments for more than 5 years. You can view many of these segments on Youtube. Simply search for Elizabeth Podsiadlo.
Chef Elizabeth has written two culinary mysteries and recorded three albums which feature many American folk songs composed by Elizabeth who drew from her Appalachian roots in their conception.
Book signings and tastings always included a demonstration of a recipe from her books, many stories and always a song or two.
Chef E has taught through the San Diego Natural History Museum, the San Diego Botanic Gardens, The La Jolla Community Center and the Mission Valley Oasis Education Center.  
She has also worked as a singing teacher to many children as she worked an afterschool music program at Sandburg Elementary and a year- long session at Hickman elementary where she taught 450 children a week.
Currently, Elizabeth is living in Romney, West Virginia where she has opened a music studio called Hampshire Honeybee Music. Here she imparts her knowledge of vocal production to a community that has embraced her and turned her dream into a reality.
She continues to write and is in the process of her third book in her culinary mystery series which takes place in the Wine Country of Sonoma CA.
Chef E. performs her folk music in the surrounding areas and continues on her culinary journey as she creates recipes for her new book.

Via her website you can find recipes, videos, and insights into all of her past projects and her latest ones too.