Elizabeth grew up the daughter of a great pianist named Elisabeth Duda who studied under a student of a student of Franz List, the greatest pianist of all time.   Having studied piano with her mother,
Elizabeth gained not only the ability to play the piano but how to approach the lessons and convey the language to her often very young students.  
Students ages in Elizabeth's studio range from 5 years and up.
Elizabeth has a very healthy approach to music where it is never forced upon the student but revealed how the instruction of piano
can help the student in so many other areas of their lives.   Bringing many additional benefits from, longer ability to focus, to better hand eye coordination. 

Chef Elizabeth comes from a long line of �Church� musicians on both sides of her family. Every Sunday, she sings as cantor during the noon (12:00) mass at St. Brigid�s Church in Pacific Beach. Chef Elizabeth also sings with the �High Noon Group,� a group of gifted folk musicians including Jensine Nolan (Director), Les and Yvonne Sherman, Jeff Trace and Irma Mudge. The music performed is folk and Irish in nature as well as some more contemporary pieces.

In April, 2009, Elizabeth won the "30 and over" category of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Vocal Competition at Point Loma Nazarene College.

Chef Elizabeth is a trained vocalist and has been singing for private events in the San Diego area for more than 15 years. You can hire Elizabeth to sing for weddings, private concerts and soirees. Elizabeth sings many different styles of music from classical, contemporary, folk to gospel. Chef Elizabeth has produced many private shows that at times involve more than 45 performers, the rental of theaters, lights, costumes, the coordination and scheduling  of rehearsals, the final performances and promotion of those performances.

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Elizabeth Podsiadlo, known as the Opera Singing Chef is a trained vocalist with solo, cantor and choral experience.  She has produced and directed two recordings that feature folk, oratorio, Opera, and sacred music stylings.   Elizabeth has performed in and around the San Diego area for more than 15 years pleasing audiences with her clear, rich mezzo-soprano voice which modulates easily from Opera to Appalachian and Irish folk music.   Pronounced by many as a very natural sounding voice, a great gift and excellent communicator. Perfect for your memorable occasion. To contact Elizabeth regarding performance CLICK

A life time spent studying voice and vocal production, Elizabeth Podsiadlo greatest passion lies in the production of UN-impeaded singing.  Meaning the vocal production starts at the very
bottom of your support system and is unimpeaded by your facial or neck muscular creating a very free form of singing giving the singer a feeling of vocal freedom allowing for more expressive singing with richer tonality .
Elizabeth has studied singing privately with Pandeli Lazaridi of "Small Opera of San Diego,"  since 2003.  She continues her studies with Pandeli and also works with pianist John Danke  who has offered her
great insights into the world of Opera, and phrasing.